While the whole country is busy with Digital Marketing, only a few are seems to be discussing with Affiliate Marketing in depth. Over the past few years, Affiliate marketing has gained its place as a discipline of Digital Marketing. Maximum multi-billionaire companies like eBay and Amazon have used affiliate marketing to extent their business around the world. Nowadays most of the people also become interested in Affiliate Marketing. If you are also seeking Affiliate Marketing training in Dhaka, then you are in the right place. Keep reading and you will find almost every information before you are starting your Affiliate marketing training in Bangladesh.

affiliate marketing training in dhaka

What is affiliate marketing?

In a word, Affiliate marketing is nothing but a marketing strategy. In this strategy, the business owners pay to another website that helps them to increase their sales. That’s why the Affiliate Marketing is considered as the best passive income method for a lifetime.

The main business of an affiliate marketer is to build resources. This resource can be some informative reviews or blogs, video presentation etc. The main objective behind this is to generate traffic to their website. Whenever someone buys something from that website using your referral link, you will get a commission.

Why should you choose Affiliate Marketing?

  1. You can work from your home. You just need a computer with internet connection.
  2. You can consider it as a business and you are the owner of your business. Most importantly, you are independent in your business.
  3. Affiliate marketing is cost-effective. You can do a business without handling the major obstacles like providing storage support, shipping facility, customer support etc.
  4. You can start it with a limited invest.
  5. We can choose your working schedule that suits you best.
  6. You can work with the product that you are interested.
  7. After doing our course, you are no need of learning almost anything extra. However, to get the best shot, you have to keep yourself updated.
  8. This is a passive income and it will increase day by day.

Course Outline:

The total course will be in 38-40 classes. We will complete all of these classes in 30-32 classes and rest of them will be personal problem-solving and practical projects.

Lecture plan:

[Here goes the details lecture plan with title and what will you offer in the course]


  • A personal computer
  • Internet connection
  • Reading and writing efficiency in English
  • Basic web development skill
  • Interest to invest money
  • Passion to do something special

Who can attend this course?

Anyone who is interested in passive income, willing to start blogging as a career, has a passion to do something extraordinary can join in this course. It doesn’t matter whatever your primary profession. Maybe you are a student, unemployed jobholder, business owner, teacher or Govt. employee, you can start your affiliate marketing training in Bangladesh. Before doing affiliate marketing course you should do SEO training in Dhaka course.

So, why are you waiting? Choose the best deals from us & be a marketer.