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Nowadays blogging become an appealing fantasy. Just start a blog, watch it take off. Then quit your job, stay at home and live off the advertising revenue.

But just like the Olympic medals, money making blogs also bunk most of the people who seek them. Most of the blogs, specially written for friends and family, get about fifty page views per day and ends with only a few pennies per month.

In the past 4-5 years, the blogging industry has been developed significantly. It becomes a great platform to earn money from online. Few readers may already start to think about starting a blog and earn money. Well, don’t get panicked. Before starting your blogging career, read our full article and you will get a proper idea of blogging. However, at first, make a target to fund a car payment by your blog earning. Here is how can you do it –

  1. Select a topic that you love:

To make money from a blog, you must select a topic and make a website on that topic. It will be better to choose a topic you like most. You can choose fashion, motherhood, politics, technology or whatever you like as your blog topic. Instead of picking a famous niche, try to pick the topic you really care of. Remember, you have to work lots of hours on that topic. If you don’t like the topic, you will be bored easily and become failure blogger. All blogs have the potentiality to earn revenue. So, why don’t you work on the topic you like most?

  1. Create relevant contents:

A blog cannot be a useful blog without content. Focus your attention to create attractive and useful content as much as possible. Write your content in such way so that it can change the people’s lives in some way. Try to provide them something interesting, something useful. If your readers can know something new, only then they will value your blog. Your contents should make your readers feel like they know, trust and like you. This is more important if you like to earn money from your blog.

Before writing an article, there are few rules and regulations that you should keep in mind. Never publish any irrelevant article to your blog. Avoid every aspect of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Often the silly mistakes also distract the readers. If your visitors are not satisfied with your article, don’t even think about earning money from your blog. That’s why I will suggest you make a habit of check and recheck your content before publishing. It ensures the correctness of your content.

  1. Find out the readers of your blog:

Till now we have only discussed about building a blog and making it resourceful to the readers. Most of the new blogger spends a lot of time to build their website and its contents. You have to reach these contents to the relevant audiences. So, how the readers will know about your blog?

Well, to make your blog popular among the readers, you have to promote your blog. This is the most important part of your blogging career.  If you have failed to do it properly, then you shouldn’t dream about the earning from your blog. Remember, you are not searching for ‘traffic’, you are looking for ‘readers’.

Once you have decided to promote your contents, then find out the place where your targeted audiences are already engaging. Then promote your articles to them to get more visitors to your blog. There are several ways to promote your articles to the relevant audiences.

To promote your articles, social media websites can be a great option. Generally, people browse the social media websites more frequently than others. You can share your content on social media and make an official engagement with your relevant audiences. You can also collect the email address of your readers and email them about your blog. However, it will be better to provide a link to your favorite article with your message.

While someone searches something by using a relevant keyword to your blog, make sure that the search engine will show your website on the first page. For this, you should properly optimize not only the website but also your contents according to the search engine algorithms. That’s why you must keep yourself updated about the recent search engine algorithm changes.

  1. Don’t rely poorly on Google Adsense:

The vast majority numbers of new bloggers rely poorly on Google ads for earning revenue. Google Adsense is easy to use and bloggers can make money with Google Adsense with less dedication. But, a great success won’t come with little deduction. Google Adsense often provide only a fraction of a successful bloggers income. The more lucrative deals will come from the advisers who pay directly to have a banner ad or put a link on your blog. As soon as your blog coming up on the first page of web searches, those advisers will start to contact you and make a great deal with those advisers.

Final Touch:

Don’t be panicked for money just after creating a blog. Even don’t ever consider your blog just as a money making machine. Rather than, your first priority should be on having fun. If you make a passion for your blog, then you can easily work on your blog for a long time. And at the end of the day, your times will bring money automatically.

I hope this article will help you on your journey to make money from blogging. If you have any kind of further inquiries, just drop your questions or any feedback on the comment section below.

Happy blogging!

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