Try to remember the viral video you have chuckled at today morning? Can you remember? You may remember the content of that video, but you can’t imagine how much the creator is earning with that video. The amount may be $100,000 or even more! Wonder how? You can also make that much money just with YouTube videos. Don’t worry. I am not kidding for sure!

Sadly, earning few pennies is not as easy as clapping your hands and money will appear in your bank account just like magic! You have to give some effort to make money. Do you need to know about how to make money on YouTube with videos?  Well, here I have answered your question. Read further to know more about the step by step process of earning money from YouTube.

For the very first movement, you have to create a successful YouTube channel. A successful YouTube channel is the synonym of Dollar! Here’s how to make a YouTube channel –


Step 1: Figure out your passion

Already fantasized becoming a YouTuber? At first, you need to figure out your interested topic. It may fashion, celebrity gossip, politics, religion, comedy, music, technology or whatever else. The most thing is to find out that working will be fun with your selected topic. Then create a YouTube channel, set a relevant name, create some content and publish them in your channel.


Step 2: Work with your best gear

You don’t need to buy too much hardware things while starting. Great quality always helps. But relevant and unique content on a regular basis is more important than a 360 degree or 4K video. Nowadays everyone owns a smartphone & maximum smartphone comes with some great video modes. However, if you have decided to work with your smartphone camera, I will suggest you use natural light. You can shoot your videos at outdoor, or near your window or simply buy some lightning kits for few bucks. Remember, a clear audio is mandatory. Ensure that your video contains a clear voice.


Step 3: Upload as much videos as possible

Simply flesh out your selected topic and upload as many videos as possible. Try to upload unique videos on a routine basis. Before uploading a video, perform as much edit as it needs to become perfect. If you are not a pro video editor, then seek help from your pro friend. Most of the famous YouTubers spend more time on editing than shooting. So, make your videos unique, eye catchy, professional and most importantly videos must be looks like natural. Don’t edit that much so that your videos look artificial. Visitors always prefer natural looking videos.


Step 4: Properly manage and promote your channel

In any part of your video, remind the visitors to subscribe your channel. You can also put the subscribe link in the comments or description box. You also have to tag each and every video with the relevant keywords so that the visitors can easily find out your videos both in YouTube and google search. It will be a wise decision if you use social media websites to push traffic to your YouTube channel.

Patience is the key to success. Getting a huge amount of subscriber is not an overnight process. You have to work for it with patience. You should contact with other video creators for valuable suggestion, advice or collaborations. You should also make an engagement with your viewers. Always reply the comments of your viewers to interact with them. Interaction with the viewers is great to increase the view of your videos.

Okay, now your channel is fully set. Now, think about making money with your channel. There are 3 main ways that the famous YouTubers use to make money. These ways are described below –


  1. From YouTube:

After completed your channel, allow YouTube to run ads in your contents. The more traffic you will get, the more money you can make with YouTube ads. There are many variables that can determine about how much traffic you will need to make money with those ads. According to the latest rule of YouTube, you will need at least 10,000 unique lifetime viewers to make money from your new channel. The most important thing is Monetization. You have to enable monetization in your channel. After monetization, you channel will be automatically connected with Google AdSense. Then you can earn money with Google AdSense with your monetized videos.

Point to be noted: you won’t get any payment if you use any copyrighted material in your video. Be conscious about that.


  1. From the sponsors:

Lots of famous YouTubers are often paid as a “brand ambassador”. After becoming a popular face, many small or big companies will offer you to work with them. Few of that companies will sponsor one or more particular videos. You have to advertise their product or service in your video and you will be paid a healthy amount for this type of advertisement. The sponsorship depends on the number of traffic of your channel. Grab any possible steps to increase your traffic.


  1. From your fans:

Though you can a massive amount of money from your sponsors, Google AdSense and YouTube itself, there is also a unique way to make money. You can also raise funds from your fans and visitors. There is a great web tool named “Patreon” that allows you to make money rapidly. This tool allows your viewers to sign up for free and donate money to you directly each time you have posted something new.


Think out of the box:

This is the most important thing. YouTube has developed rapidly and the number of visitors of this site increases at a surprising rate. Billions of people visit YouTube every day for the videos they need. So, if you are planning to join YouTube right now, you will see that there are almost lots of content published on your selected topic. So, why the visitors will watch your videos? Well, that’s the fact. Visitors will watch your video only if they get something new. So, think about a different dimension and create some unique videos.


Last Words:

YouTube is the most effective platform to exhibit your talent. Though there is a huge competition, believe in yourself and start working with YouTube from today. Hope that I can cover almost everything you need to know before starting your YouTube channel. However, if you have further inquiries, let us inform via the comment section. We will be glad to help you.

Well, if you find this article helpful, then thank us later by sending the good news about your earnings!

Happy YouTubing!

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