Outsourcing Training in Dhaka

By definition, outsourcing means the transfer of ownership of a task to another company. It is not a new concept. Almost every company outsources some aspect of their business to save their time and cost. In this present world, outsourcing has become a common trend not only in information technology but also in other industries. The most common types of outsourcing are business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology outsourcing (ITO).

Outsourcing Training course in Dhaka Bangladesh

The main reasons behind outsourcing are to reduce labor costs, improving efficiency, opportunity to focus on their core products etc. Practically almost every aspect of a business organization can be outsourced — from a low-tech information help-desk to a cutting-edge technology, support, maintenance etc. The person who is doing these freelance jobs is known as a freelancer.

What about outsourcing training in Dhaka course:

The Outsourcing training in Dhaka is one of the best IT companies in Dhaka who provides the best IT training in Dhaka. We can ensure that the students will get high-quality training from our outsourcing training in Dhaka course. We have already prepared a number of skilled freelancers from our training center. Now we are looking for some new students to make a skilled freelancer. From the outsourcing training in Dhaka course, students can learn digital marketing from the very basic level to the advanced level. By this training, we are hoping to solve the financial problems of our students by trained themselves and helps to become self-employed. In our outsourcing training in Dhaka course, we have some effective courses of outsourcing that help you to earn money from online. You could sell your expertise on popular marketplaces like Upwork, Elance, Freelancer.com, Peopleperhour, Fiverr etc.

Outsourcing training in Dhaka Course modules:

From the following modules, you will get in details about the course of outsourcing training in Dhaka Bangladesh. Before starting to apply our outsourcing training in Dhaka course, check the following courses and make sure in which course you are interested. Our courses are stated below-

  1. Advance SEO course
  2. Social media marketing (SMM)
  3. Amazon affiliate marketing
  4. YouTube marketing
  5. CPA Marketing

What is the benefit of outsourcing training?

Promoting your product or service in online is really tough. You may get into trouble while branding or promoting your product or service in online. That’s why we are here to help you.  We have some professional trainers who are experienced in the online marketing industry. Further, we have skilled skill online marketing team who are leading the online marketing industry of Bangladesh. We are going to provide you a solid and strong platform to make yourself skilled by our outsourcing training courses. We will cover up the ins and outs of SEO through a comprehensive range of outsourcing training courses in Bangladesh. For the would-be freelancers or new business owner who would like to promote their online business, these courses might be perfect for them.

What is the capability to get outsourcing training in Dhaka course?

Outsourcing training in Dhaka course would be perfect for those people who would like to promote their business online. We design this course for the people who do not have enough knowledge about online marketing. These courses will provide you perfect direction on how to make money online. If you also want to do the virtual job into the online marketplace like Upwork, Elance, then the outsourcing Training in Dhaka course would be perfect for you. However, before involving into outsourcing training in Dhaka course you should have a look in the following terms and condition.

What kinds of support will you get from us?

You will get every digital marketing related support from us. We designed these courses, especially for the students and jobholders. We will provide you sound knowledge about search engine optimization, CPA marketing, Affiliate marketing, Facebook marketing and much more. Get more idea about outsourcing training course and increase your online marketing knowledge with the help of us.

Course NameCourse DurationCourse Fee
Advance SEO course2.5 month7800
Amazon affiliate marketing2.5 month8200
YouTube video marketing2.006500

Remember, if you would like to make full payment at a time you will get 5% discount in every course.

Final decision:

Thanks for your patience with online marketing training from Outsourcing Training in Dhaka. If you need more information about our courses, feel free to contact 01714-339348 or simply drop your message at hello@outsourcingtrainingindhaka.com. We will be glad to help you to your journey with online marketing.