This privacy policy is for those who are concerned about their privacy used on online. The ‘Personally Identifiable Information’ or PII, described in US privacy law and information security, refers to that information that can be used to contact, identify or locate a single person individually. The Personally Identifiable Information’s are important for the online safety of the visitors. It ensures the safety and security of the users while using a website. To get a clear idea about how we collect, use or protect your data, please read our privacy policy properly.

Which information do we collect from our visitors?

We do not collect any data or other information from the visitors to our site that will be against the privacy of our visitors.

When do we collect visitor’s data?

We collect data from our visitors when they register on our site, place an order, subscribe to our site or provide any information on our site.

How do we use the information’s we have collected?

Generally, we collect the user’s data when they visit our website. We collect them when they register on our site, response to a survey form or marketing communication, sign up for our newsletter etc. However, we use your data for the following reason:

  • It allows us to provide better service to our visitors in responding to fulfill their customer service requests.
  • To provide what kinds of data and information they are most If we can deliver the product offering or their interesting contents, they will be benefited for sure.

How can we protect your data?

We scan our website on a regular basis to find out any security hoes or any kind of vulnerabilities to make your internet surfing safe and secure. We implement varieties of security measures when a user places an order to our website. All of the transactions of our users are processed through a secure gateway provider and the information is not processed or stored on our servers.

Do we use ‘cookies’?

Yes. We use cookies to increase your user experience. Cookies are small files that we transfer to the hard disk of your computer through the web browser you are surfing the internet. Remember, we do not store any cookies if you do not allow it. We use your hard disk space only when you have allowed us to do so. Our cookies are used to remember your browser and store certain information that you will be needed while you are going to browse our site again. However, these cookies are also helping us to identify your preferences based on your current or previous activity. This information helps us to provide a better user experience to you.  We also use the cookies to compile aggregate data about our site interaction and site traffic so that we can improve our site in future and provide a better service to our users.

We will not send cookies to your hard disk frequently. You can control whenever we will send cookies or not. Most importantly, you can totally turn off all of the cookies automatically. You can stop it using your web browser. Since every web browser has its own settings and they are different from each other, so it will be better to use their help menu to modify your cookies.

Remember, if you turn off receiving all of the cookies, your user experience may be reduced. Some of the special functions may not work properly. To get the full user experience from a website, it is recommended to turn on receiving cookies. Remember, it may not make a huge difference while browsing our website. However, it will be better to allow cookies for our website.

Third-party disclosure

We are strongly declaring that we will never sell, trade or will never pass your information to any third party websites or software. We respect the Personally Identifiable Information of government.

Third-party links

We do not offer or include any third party services or products to our website.


The Google’s Advertising Principles is summed up by the Google’s advertising requirements. To make these requirements clear to our visitors, all of the requirements are listed in this link.

Google AdSense Service

Currently, we do not include Google AdSense service to our website. But we may include it in future.

Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

Whenever there is a situation that we have to collect data from the children under the age of 13 years old, then it will require parental support to do so. We maintain the United States’ Federal Trade Commission law for consumer’s protection agency to protect the privacy and safety of the children’s less than thirteen years old.

Fair Information Practices

The Fair Information Practices is considered as the backbone of every business organization. These policies create a significant role to the protection of user’s data. We maintain this law properly to protect the data of our visitors. You may know details about these policies in the United States Fair Information Practices website.

In order to maintain the Fair Information Practices, we will take the following processes to inform you while there need any responsive actions.

We will notify you via phone call

  • Within 7 business days

We will notify you via email

  • Within 7 business days

We will notify the users via in-site notification

  • Within 1 business day

We also noticed that the Individual Redress Principle is required to pursue take legal action against the data collectors who have failed to maintain the law. These principles not only support the web surfers but also support the data collectors as well. According to this law, we can collect few data from our users and we collect only those data.