Do you have any idea about how much money people earn from the online business just in a minute?

The amount is about $2.4 million.

Just think about this number for a second. Two point four million US dollars just in a minute! These worldwide online business statistics is quite impressive, hah!

This huge amount of money is hard to digest! Let me help you to break down about what happens in a minute in the international market. People spend about $539,366 for mobile and almost 2 million dollars for desktop computers. Among them, about $684,669 is spent on store cards, prepaid cards, credit cards and debit cards. And about $516,504 has been spent by alternative paying methods.

From this insane figure of money, only Amazon soaks up about $100K just by itself. Along with eBay process $74,423 and Apple processes about $17,803 from their online business. The social medias are also generating tons of sales by their e-commerce facility. Such as Facebook ($5,483), Pinterest ($4,504) and Twitter ($4,308) are the best social media giant for online business.

So, what are you thinking about? Do you want to be a part of this huge business platform? Do you want to know details about online business? Okay, we are here to solve all of your inquiries. In this article, we will discuss the full process of how to start an online business on your own. Let’s start –


  1. Have A Killer Idea:

Before starting an online business, at first, you have to decide the topic you are going to deal with. It’s not good to copy any idea. Because that idea has already been implemented. Even you shouldn’t choose any feckless idea. Spend more time to select the best topic. While selecting a topic, you have to think from the consumer perspective. Capture the needs of your consumers and provide them what they want. Sometimes the consumers even don’t know about they want! It happens if you provide something different to them. If you have a unique idea, then work on it and advertise it properly to reach your customers.


  1. Set Yourself:

After choosing a business idea, the next step is choosing a business name. But, before you are going to publicize your business name, make sure that the domain name is still available. Hundreds of website are launching every day. So, there is a slight possibility that your chosen domain maybe already booked. If it happens, then you have to go for an alternate choice.

However, if you need that domain anyhow, you may go for a new extension. Though maximum business organization use .com as their domain extension, but there are plenty of other extensions to choose from. So, you may keep your desired domain name with a different extension. Nowadays there are a huge number of extensions available for business perspective. Instead of .com extension, you may choose .net, .org, .trade etc. For example, if you want to create a technology related website and your desired domain is already taken, then you may go for or anything else.


  1. Create Your Own Logo:

Along with a new domain, you have to choose an attractive logo too. This symbol will represent your brand in everywhere. Publicize to brand towards the targeted audience. Moreover, make your business name and logo copyrighted so that nobody can use that anymore. Before making a logo, make sure that this one looks neat and professional.


  1. Create A Grand Launching Event:

Don’t wait for the website to be built. You can start social media promotion before launching. Start to follow your targeted audience. You can also post about your product or service. Try to raise their interest for your upcoming product or service by hook or crook. Be engaged with your customers by responding their comments as much as possible. You can also make a countdown for launching your website. You can also make an email list of your targeted audiences and email them about your first-day offer. The more interest you can arise among your consumers about launching, the better it will be.

Finally, fix a launching date of your website. Don’t do it quietly. Make it as grand as you can. Try to reach the maximum number of audiences while launching. Post about your new site in almost every social media. Send an email about exciting offers and promotion. You can also publish a feature news in both print and electronic media about your launching event. Spread out the news as much as possible.


  1. Find Out the Influencers:

The support of influencers is the biggest keys to your success. Their recommendation is enough to drive a huge sale of your product or services. You may offer discounts or some free gifts for them. Request them to post more details about your services among their friends and family and increase traffic to your site.


  1. Be Solid:

If you prepare yourself properly, make sure that you have checked everything. Make the launching event without a single problem. Your servers should be sturdy enough to handle a huge number of traffics from the launching date. Along with the server, make sure that every element of your website is running efficiently under pressure. Moreover, you should also respond to the emails and social media posts in a gentle manner. Remember, your sales mostly depend on the communication with your customers.


  1. Analyze Your Business:

Keep a track of your business activity. Make a list of your best selling product. Determine which social media is giving you more traffic. Which type of posts are becoming viral easily and create a more similar post like that. To run your business effectively, always keep working. Never stop on your laurels.


Final Words:

The ultimate success of any business lies in hard-work. The moment you will plan to relax and sit back, you will begin to lose the track of your business. So, take your business seriously and make it more fruitful than yesterday.

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