Are you wasting your valuable time by searching boring jobs? Or are you tired of looking job on online? What is your daily routine? Are you browsing Facebook and YouTube all day long?

youtube marketing course in Dhaka Bangladesh

If so, then why are you tensed? Use your talent. Express the talent towards the whole world! Youtube is the best way to express your talent. This Google product is a video server. Nowadays Youtube is one of the most popular platforms for learning, entertaining or anything else. You will find almost everything you need in your daily life. That’s why it has become one of the most favorite platforms for the internet marketers and video editors.

So what are you thinking right now? Are you looking opportunity for Video marketing training in Dhaka? Well, rely on us. We are providing the best Video marketing training in Bangladesh. Our video marketing training details are stated below.

YouTube Environment:

Channel creation, keyword setup for your channel, channel monetization with Google AdSense account, uploading unique videos of you, creating SEO friendly video tag, adding video description, adding freedom, video info and setting, video enhancements, best audio settings, video annotations, video card with related playlist, donation, poll, link and many more.

Video Editing Environment:

Video filtering, Audio filtering, color correction, installing video editor software, timeline explained, creating titles, Audio mixing, effect making, capturing video efficiently, making short films, making drama, making music videos, wedding videos, Birthday videos, 3D Picture in picture, Editing Audio using File Editor, creating intro, Copyright ideas and More..

Marketing Ways and Support:

SEO Setup for your channel, Video Marketing with lots of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other video marketing platforms. Most importantly, we are ready to provide any support even after completing your training.

Who Can Join This Professional Video Editing and YouTube Marketing Training?

It doesn’t matter what is your profession. Maybe you are a student, a service holder, businessman, housewife, teacher etc. This Video marketing training in Dhaka is for everyone who wants to build their career on Google platform and passionate to earn from online. So, why are you wasting your valuable time? Contact us and start your online career from right now.

Happy Youtubing!